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Vision Scope Examples

On the Microsoft patterns & practices team, we use Vision / Scope as a key milestone. It’s where we frame the problem, identify the business opportunity, and paint a vision of the solution. It’s a forcing function to get clarity on the customer, their scenarios, and our scope for the project. We generally use a “fix time, flex scope” pattern, so this means having a candidate backlog that we prioritize with customers.

Fixed Price in XP Development

How can you leverage XP practices in a fixed-price contract?   One approach is to fix the price and the schedule, but somewhat vary the...

Give Up Explicit Preparation for Change

How can you be prepared to go in whatever direction the business or the system demands?  Do you need to prepare for every possibility? ...

How To Cure Optimitis

How do you cure optimitis?  Optimitis is an unhealthy, overly optimistic, unrealistic agreement to solving a problem.  It ignores the tradeoffs.  In Secrets of...
Impact of People on Cost and Effort

The Impact of People on Cost and Effort

Just how much can people factors influence your project cost and effort?  24.6 percent!  In other words, the least experienced team (the bottom 15...