How to improve teams, execution and project management.

Adding People to Late Projects Makes Them Later

Adding people to late projects makes them later.  This can be counter-intuitive.  In Requirements-Led Project Management: Discovering David's Slingshot, by Suzanne Robertson and James...


How do you gradually shift responsibility for a system to the customer?  How do you reduce the risk of a customer inheriting a system...

Key Project Practices

The following is a short list of some of the project practices that have helped me maximize impact, while shipping on time and on budget. Verification Dog fooding. Throughout the project, I have the team dog food what we build. See Dog fooding (WIkipedia.) 5 customers. This is an critical check throughout the project that 5 customers stand behind the project. They key is these are 5 customers that actually use the deliverable.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Program Managers

Photo by woodleywonderworks What does it take to be an effective Program Manager at Microsoft?  I'm responding to some requests for my take...
Impact of People on Cost and Effort

The Impact of People on Cost and Effort

Just how much can people factors influence your project cost and effort?  24.6 percent!  In other words, the least experienced team (the bottom 15...