Rational Unified Process (RUP) at a Glance

I like to be able to scan process methodologies so that I can quickly compare approaches.  I found my old notes on Rational Unified...

Introduction to Lean Software Development

Editor’s note: This is a guest post on Lean Software Development by Corey Ladas. If you don't know Corey, he's a product development...

Customer Connected Engineering

Customer Connected Engineering (CCE) is a practices we use across our patterns & practices teams for engaging customers throughout the life cycle. We involved customers during the planning, development, and release of our deliverables. This is a draft slide set that shares how we do Customer Connected Engineering inside patterns & practices, including our key practices and guiding principles.

Patterns and Practices of Lean Software Development

Lean Thinking is a paradigm of production and can’t easily be reduced to a process recipe. The particular form of any Lean process will always depend upon the form of the product that is created by that process. However, any Lean process will realize a few essential principles. If we apply these Lean principles to software development, we may find some practices that express those principles in a way that is useful and sensible for the medium.

Mission Impossible

How do you know when you're signing up for Mission Impossible?  If your project has a short time frame to design, build, and deliver, ...