How to improve response time, throughput, and resource utilization.

Performance Frame

Photo by mrkumm While working on Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability (Patterns & Practices), my team created the software...

Quality Attribute List

When thinking about quality, I tend to draw from the following quality attributes: Availability Buildability Conceptual Integrity Evolvability Extensibility...

Quality Attributes Frame

I found an organizing frame for quality attributes (security, performance, ... etc.) on and I think it's helpful.  They organize quality attributes by...

Performance Hot Spots

From a software performance standpoint, "hot spots" are an area of intense activity. They're hot spots because they're frequently executed code paths with some sort of friction or bottleneck. They represent potential optimization paths for improving the performance of your code or design. You find the hot spots by measuring and analyzing the system. Stepping back, we can use "Hot Spots" more loosely. We can use them to gather, organize, and share principles, patterns, and practices for performance.