10 Success Patterns for PMs

Photo by Christian Revival Network Here's a brief set of success patterns for program managers and project managers that I've shared with...

Architectural Styles

You can think of architectural styles as a collection of principles that shape or govern the design of your application. Many of the styles...

Security Approaches That Don’t Work

Photo by CarbonNYC If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it ... The problem is, you may have an approach that isn’t working, or it’s not...

Cloud Security Frame

Here is a draft of our Cloud Security Frame as part of our early exploration work for our patterns & practices Cloud Security Project. It’s a lens for looking at Cloud Security. The frame is simply a collection of Hot Spots. Each Hot Spot represents an actionable category for information. Using Hot Spots, you can quickly find pain and opportunities, or key decision points.

Customer Connected Engineering at patterns & practices

This post is a write up of how we do Customer-Connected Engineering on the Microsoft patterns & practices team. Our Customer-Connected Engineering process has been a key part of our success and impact in the software industry. While this write up is about how patterns & practices implements Customer Connected Engineering, you might find that you can tailor and adapt some of the principles for your scenario or context.