How to improve solution architecture and design.

Agile Architecture Method

The Agile Architecture Method is a way to bake quality into the life cycle. It's also an iterative and incremental approach for architecture and design. In its simplest form, it's a way to help you identify potential hot spots against your prioritized scenarios. The hot spots are key engineering decision. The main hot spots are cross-cutting concerns, such as data access, exception management, logging ... etc. and quality attributes, such as security, performance, reliability ... etc.
4+1 view of software architecture

4 + 1 View Model of Software Architecture

What is the 4+1 view model of software architecture?  It's a way to show key viewpoints of an architecture.  In A Practical Guide to...
Architectural Styles

Architectural Styles, Patterns, and Metaphors

What’s the difference between an architectural style, an architectural pattern, and a system metaphor?   An architectural style is a central, organizing concept for a...

5 Ways to Manage Complexity in Software Architectures

In any significant software project, complexity happens.  The question is what are you going to do about it?    In Software Architect Bootcamp (2nd Edition),...

Software Design Levels

When you zoom in or zoom out of a software system, what do you call the different levels of the software?  Design levels are...