Requirements Types


I was trying to find a way to express requirements from multiple perspectives, but keep it simple enough not to lose big ideas that matter.

It might be easier if I simply use:

  • Functional
  • Non-Functional
  • Technological
  • Constraints

(Note on non-functional — I hate “non-functional”– what are “non-functional” requirements? — yuck! — I think it should be more like “experience” or “quality”/”quality of service.”)

User, Business, and System Perspectives

I can then show which perspective/stories they are:

  • User
  • Business
  • System

Note that there’s functional requirements at the user, business and system level.  For example, “buy a book,” “place an order,” and “manage transaction” respectively.

Requirements Model

Here’s a conceptual model I use to help figure out where we are on the map:


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