App Scenarios Model


When I met with Gartner, I needed to illustrate how we were thinking about end-to-end application scenarios in patterns & practices.   In addition to explaining the idea of App Types and the App Infrastructure Frame, I illustrated how it was possible to quickly decompose an application scenario if you know how to break it down.  Below are some figures I used to help illustrate the ideas.


This is how I analyze an end-to-end application scenario:



Once I know the application scenario, I can evaluate potential solution patterns:


Solution Assets

For a given application type and scenario, I can often find relevant solution assets from our patterns & practices collection:


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  1. Hi J.D.,

    Your posts are filled with remarkable insights! I am facing an challenge now, and I think you may help me. I am assigned to produce a Reference Application Architecture for my organization while aligning with other architecture domain reference (Business, Information, Technology and Security/Privacy).

    I would appreciate if you can kindly give me some suggestions and reference materials on a practical Reference Application Architecture which can be referenced as a baseline and starting point for all the IT projects within my organization?

    Best regards and thanks,

  2. @ Lin

    Thank you.

    From a content standpoint, the Microsoft patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide is a good start.

    From a code standpoint, the Layered Architecture Sample Application is a good place to start.

    You can use the App Arch Guide to help you frame out what makes the most sense for your organization in terms of application types, quality attributes, architecture styles and technologies. You can also use it to explore common principles and patterns.

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